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Baisier, Claire, Baudouin, Frans, Bussers, Helena, a.o. (ed.). Terres cuites des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles. La collection Van Herck. N.pl.; 2000; Fondation Roi Baudouin; softcover; ills. in colour and b&w; text in French; index of persons; 170 pp. Fine copy. [29621]

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Bakker, Boudewijn. Amsterdam in the eighteenth century. Delft; n.d.; Elmar; translation in English by Patricia Wardle and Gillian Downing; 59 ills. in b&w and in colour; gilt stamped cloth with dustjacket; oblong; 30,5x35,5 cm.; unpaginated. Dustjacket shows traces of wear; damaged on the edges and slightly foxed. Spine slightly foxed. Inside good! [20096]

€ 35,00

Ballegeer, J.P.. Octave Landuyt. N.p.; 1970; Arts & Voyages, Lucien De Meyer; numerous ills. in b&w and in colour; gilt stamped cloth with dustjacket; oblong; 20x22,5 cm.; 108 pp. Dustjacket a trifle discoloured. [19139]

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Ballester, José Maria. Rafael Cidoncha. Madrid; 1975; Galeria Vandrés; softcover; ill. in b&w; 16 (3) pp. Catalogue issued in an edition of 2000 unnumbered copies. Cover shows slight signs of use. [19871]

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Barcsay, Jenö. Anatomy for the artist. Budapest; 1958; Corvina; cloth without dust jacket; ills. in b&w; 25x34 cm.; 320 (23 pp.) This work deals with the healthy adult human body and corresponds to that of Barcsay's lectures at the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts. Second revised edition. Text and drawings by Barcsay. Cover with some small stains. [19877]

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Barents, Els.

Barents, Els. Cindy Sherman. München; 1984; Schirmer/Mosel; softcover; ills./ photography in colour & b&w; text by Els Barents & Peter Schjeldahl; text in German; 200 pp. Fine copy. [34273]

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Barnes, Rachel, Coomer, Martin, Freedman, Carl, e.a.. De kunst van de 20e eeuw. Bussum; 1996; uitgeverij THOTH; hardcover met stofomslag; 4o; talrijke ill., meest in kleur; 512 p. Dit uitvoerige naslagwerk, compleet met verklarende woordenlijsten van termen en kunststromingen en een internationale adreslijst van belangrijke musea en galeries, biedt een volstrekt nieuwe kijk op de kunst van de twintigste eeuw. [29077]

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Barnet, Pauline. Les dessous de l'érotisme. Nyons; 1983; Editions C.L.S.; ills. in colour; photographs: Lithoart, Turin; first edition; hardcover with dustjacket; not paginated. Fine copy. [16174]

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Barraband, Antoine. Perroquets et oiseaux du paradis; 12 planches en couleurs d'apres des gravures de 1806. N.pl.; n.d. (ca. 1970); Office du Livre; 12 reproduced and tipped in plates after chromo-copperengravings; each plate on loose sheet of handmade paper; in matching portfolio with plasticized wrappers. Wrappers slightly damaged. [27134]

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Barrett, Douglas & Gray, Basil. Les trésors de l'Asie; la peinture indienne. Genève; 1978; Skira Flammarion; softcover; 82 ills. in colour; 213 pp. Fine copy. [23533]

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Barrière, Gérard.

Barrière, Gérard. Suresnes un lieu, un mouvement. Cataláa-Darpeix (du 16 au 26 mai 1989). Suresnes; 1989; Ville de Suresnes; softcover; ills. in colour and b&w; not paged. Frontcover a trifle discoloured along extremities, else a very fine copy. [33617]

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Barrière, Gérard.

Barrière, Gérard. "Australes" de Cataláa. Suresnes; 1995; Galerie Courtieux; softcover; preface by Gérard Barrière; ills. in b&w; issued on occasion of the exhibition at Galerie Courtieux from November 22 to December 21 1995; not paged. Fine copy. [33612]

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Barriviera, Lino Bianchi. Vedute di Napoli. Cinque incisioni originali di Lino Bianchi Barriviera. Per il Banco di Napoli; 1957; 5 original etchings in portfolio. Five etchings in very good condition. [26490]

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Basler, Adolphe & Kunstler, Charles. La peinture indépendante en France, II: de Matisse a Segonzac. Paris; 1930; Les Editions G. Crès et Cie.; softcover with wrappers; ills. with the text and section with plates; 105 pp. followed by 72 plates. in b&w; Spine ends slightly chipped. [26978]

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Bastet, Frédéric. Corstiaan de Vries; het portret. Abcoude; 1990; uitgeverij Uniepers; harde kaft met stofomslag; ill. in kleur en zwart wit; inleiding door Nico Brederoo; het Noordbrabants Museum te 's-Hertogenbosch organiseerde ter gelegenheid van de verschijning van deze uitgave de expositie "Corstiaan de Vries- Het portret" van 23 maart t/m 21 april 1990; 96 p. Goed exemplaar. [27330]

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Basu, Michou.

Basu, Michou. Ans Markus. Hommages aan/ Tributes to Couturiers. Zwolle; 2010; uitgeverij Waanders; softcover; full page photography in colour; text in Dutch & English; 96 pp. Fine copy. [33282]

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Batini, Giorgio. L'Amico Della Ceramica. Guida per I collezionisti di terracotta maiolica e porcellana. N.p; 1974; Vallecchi; numerous ills. in b&w.; cloth with dustjacket; 24,5x28 cm.; 474 pp. Fine copy. [19528]

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Baudouin, Boilly, Boucher a.o. (ed.). Le Musee Galant du Dix-Huitième Siècle. Album. No. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10. Facsimilés d'estampes originales en noir et en couleur. Paris; n.d.; G.Charpentier & Fasquelle; 7 loose volls. in cardboard cover; each volume 12 fullpage ills. in b&w and in colour; oblong; 27x34 cm.; 12 pp. each volume. Cardboard cover restored with cloth tape. Volume 4 has repaired pp. [17846]

€ 80,00

Baudouin, F.. Rubens en zijn eeuw. Antwerpen; 1972; Mercatorfonds; ill. in b&w and, hand tipped, in colour; half artificial parchment, front- and back cover cloth, gilt stamped, with dust jacket, in slipcase; 289 pp. [13299]

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Baudson, Michel and Derycke, Luc. Red. Gent; 1990; Imschoot; softcover with flaps; ills. in colour; 144 pp. Published on the occasion of the exhibition in Brussels at the Isy Brachot Gallery, from June 27th through September 29th. In good order. [19581]

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Bauër, G.. Dessins de Maîtres (XVe - XVIIIe Siècles) de l'Albertina de Vienne. Paris; ca. 1952; Librairie Plon; 19 reproductions en couleurs et 9 planches dans le texte; cardboard with cover; 35.5x25.5 cm; 29 textpages. Cover slightly worn. Contents fine. [17398]

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Bax, Marty. Ben Joppe. Schilder van het onmogelijke. S.l.; 2011; Stichting Ben Joppe; softcover; 19x24 cm.; ill. in kleur; 104 p. Keurig exemplaar. [32574]

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Beck, Hans Ulrich.
Beck, Hans Ulrich.

Beck, Hans-Ulrich. Jan Van Goyen 1596-1656. Ein Oeuvreverzeichnis. I: Ein Einführung Katalog der Handzeichnungen. II: Katalog der Gemälde. 2 vols. Amsterdam; 1972-1973; Van Gendt & Co.; gilt printed, hardbound cloth with dust jacket; preface by Wolfgang Stechow; numerous ills. in b&w; 354 & IX, 563 pp. Jackets slightly worn along extremities. Overall a fine and complete set. [34040]

€ 250,00

Becker, Annette, Olley, John and Wang, Wilfried (ed.). Ireland; 20th-century architecture. Munich-New York; 1997; Prestel Verlag; cloth with dust jacket; ills. in colour and b&w; 198 (2) pp. This volume analyzes the architecture of both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and provides a comprehensive documentation of architectural developments in Ireland since the beginning of this century. The project descriptions are complemented by numerous plans and photographs which clearly document Ireland's expressive architectural style. Very fine copy. [22415]

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