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Duinkerken. Afbeeldinge vande vermaerde Seehaven ende Stadt van Duynkercken met der omliggende plaetsen sanden ende droochten afgeteeckent door Capiteijn Piete Codde van Enchuysen. Etc. Kopergravure; ca. 1650; oudhandgekleurd. Uitgave Blaeu. Afmeting ca. 69 x 44 cm. [30243]

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Gent. Gent. Kopergravure, ca. 1720. Gabriel Bodenehr. Augsburg. Afmeting: 16 x 25 cm. Geleverd in zuurvrij passe-partout. Met vermelding van belangrijke gebouwen en kerken. [25366]

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Hampshire. Hamp Shire. Kopergravure, 1722. Robt. Morden. Handgekleurd. Afmeting: 37,5 x 43 cm. Geleverd in passe-partout. [22787]

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Vlaanderen. Le Comté de Flandre. Kopergravure, 1675. P.Duval, Parijs. Oud-handgekleurd. Verso: blank. Afmeting: 41 x 51,5 cm. Geleverd in zuurvrij passe-partout. [22443]

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Vlaanderen. Kaartje van 'T Graafschap Vlaanderen. Kopergravure, ca. 1750. Oud-handgekleurd. Afmeting: 19 x 24,5 cm. Geleverd in zuurvrij passe-partout. [25433]

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Vue perspective d'une rencontre des Francois avec les Anglois dans la Mediterranée. Kopergravure, 18-e eeuws. Optica-prent. Oud-handgekleurd. Basset. Paris. Afmeting: 25,5 x 38 cm. Geleverd in zuurvrij passe-partout. [22852]

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World map.

World map. Carte Réduite des Terres et des Mers du Globe Terrestre. Copper engraved handcoloured world map on Mercator's projection by M. Bonne; 32,5 x 21,5 cm. From Atlas Portatif. Greenland and the Arctic are attached to North America. Alaska is shown with a rudimentary shape. The most interesting features are the large inland sea in the Pacific Northwest with its outlet named "Canal du Roi George" and a river connecting it to Hudson Bay. Above this is another large lake with a huge river flowing to the Pacific at "Is. San Carlos". Australia is named "Nouvelle Holland" and includes "Terre de Diemen". Numerous small islands are shown throughout the world. Map mounted on cardboard. [27434]

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