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Davidov, Dinko, Stanic, Radomir & Timotijevic, Miroslav. War Damage sustained by Orthodox Churches in Serbian areas of Croatia, 1991. Belgrade; 1992; softcover; 4o; ills. in b&w; translated in the English by Alice Coppel-Tosic; 88 pp. Cover curled [26637]

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Cynk, Jerzy B.. History of the Polish Air Force. 1918 - 1968. Berkshire; 1972; Osprey; numerous ills. in b&w; hardcover with dustjacket; 19 x 25,5 cm.; 307 pp. [16653]

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Crow, Duncan [ed.].

Crow, Duncan [ed.]. British AFVs 1919-1940 (Armoured fighting vehicles of the world, volume 2). Windsor; 1970; Profile Publications; softcover; ills., mainly in b&w; general index; 176 pp. This volume describes the British tanks, and armoured cars, of the inter-war period and shows the effect of the "depth of feeling" against them. [22230]

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Corremans, Luc, Reyntjens, Annemie & Vandervelden, Pierre.

Corremans, Luc, Reyntjens, Annemie & Vandervelden, Pierre. Stad van vrede. WO-1 plaatsen in en rond Ieper. Leuven; 2014; Davidsfonds Uitgeverij; hardcover; ill. meest in kleur; 309 p. Uitstekend exemplaar. [33597]

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Cornwell, E. L and Martin Horseman (ed.). Airextra. Vol. I, II, III. (1,2,3) Incl. numbers: I - XIX (1 - 19) Shepperton; nd.; Ian Allan; vol.I: number I - VI; vol.II: number VII - XII; vol.III: number XIII - XIX; numerous ills. in b&w and colour. Bound in green cloth. 21 x 29 cm. [16523]

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Cooper, Matthew. The German Air Force 1933 - 1945. An Anatomy of Failure. London; 1981; Jane's; numerous ills. and 6 maps in b&w; hard cover with dustjacket; 16 x 24 cm.; 406 pp. [16626]

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Cools, Herman.

Cools, Herman. 1584-1585 Tussen Reus en Geus. Het Land van Beveren en het Beleg van Antwerpen. Beveren; 1985; Heemkundige Kring het Land van Beveren; gekartonneerd; 16x24 cm.; ill. in zwart wit; 71 p. Goed exemplaar. [33482]

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Cooksley, Peter G.. 1940. The Story of No.11 Group Fighter Command. London; 1983; Robert Hale; ills. in b&w; hardcover with dustjacket; 14,5 x 22 cm.; 224 pp. [16677]

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Cook, Thomas. The allies see Britain; a pictorial record of the visits of representatives of allied governments during 1940-1944. Norwich and London; 1944; Jarrold and Sons Ltd.; hardcover; numerous ills. in b&w; unpaginated. [26201]

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Conrad, Philippe & Laspeyres, Arnaud. La Grande Guerre 1914-1918. De la tourmente à la victoire. N.pl.; 1989; Éditions Presse Audovisuel; hardcover with dust jacket; 4o; in matching slip case; ills. in colour and b&w; 303 pp. Fine copy. [30176]

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Condron, Andrew M., Corden, Richard G. & Sullivan, Larance V. (ed.). Thinking soldiers, by men who fought in Korea. Peking; 1955; New World Press; cloth with dust jacket; 8vo; with 20 pages of illustrations; 246 pp. [26475]

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Commentaar op de "Aanwijzingen, in geval van een vijandelijken inval", vastgesteld door den Raad van Ministers in mei 1937. Z.pl.; 1943; vouwblad, 2x gevouwen; 22x28 cm.; 4 p. Wat lichte kreukjes en vouwtjes. [26288]

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Commandant Nerger. De hulpkruiser "Wolf"; 66.000 mijl door den Atlantischen, Stillen en Indischen Oceaan in 451 dagen met een buit van 35 schepen. Amsterdam; z.j. (ca. 1920); W. ten Have; softcover; translated from the German by J.L. Chaillet; with 24 photographs in b&w; 12x18 cm.; 170 pp. + advertising. Rare! Slightly finger-soiled and warped. [23289]

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Combat Report: The journal of military aviation. Volume 1, numbers 1 - 4. London; 1986 - 1987; Target Publications; numerous ills.; softcover; each volume 48 pp. [16554]

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Cocle, Paul. West-Vlaanderen in de bezetting. Roeselare; 1984; Roularta; first ed.; numerous ills. in b&w; paperback; 13 x 21 pp.; 203 pp. [16628]

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Clarenbeek, Th.J.. De oorlogswet voor Nederland. Alphen aan den Rijn; 1978; H.D. Tjeenk Willink; softcover; (14) 338 p. Lijst van gebruikte afkortingen, zakenregister en conversietabellen. Enkele arceringen in viltstift en inkt, stempeltje op voorste schutblad. Ex libris op titelblad. Band geplastificeerd. [21241]

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Chambon, Albert (sam.). In memoriam. Onze marinegraven van den oorlog mei 1940. S.l.; 1941; Comité "Onze Marine"; harde kaft; ill.; naamwijzer; 94 p. [31816]

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Chamberlain, Peter & Ellis, Chris. Atlante mondiale dei mezzi corazzati, 1: Stati Uniti Gran Bretagna e Commonwealth nella Seconda Guerra Mondiale. Parma; 1972; Ermanno Albertelli Editore; hardcover with dust jacket; numerous ills. in b&w; 219 pp. Fine copy. [22480]

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Chamberlain, Peter & Ellis, Chris. Modern British Tanks and Fighting Equipment. London; 1970; Arms and Armour Press; softcover; over a 130 illustrations in b&w; 78 (2) pp. With data tables. [22225]

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Campbell, John. Warship monographs: Queen Elizabeth class. London; 1972; Conway Maritime Press; cloth; oblong; ills. in b&w; 50 pp. [26457]

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Camp Lejeune Marines/ on land- on sea- in the air, 1775-1944. N.pl.; n.d. (ca. 1945); softcover; commemorative issue; richly illustrated in b&w; with the marines' hymn, some documentation on Camp Lejeune and numerous ills.; n.pp. Cover slightly foxed. [21599]

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Cain, Charles W. (ed.). Flypast 1. A selection of International Aircraft from Profile. Vol. I - VI. (1 - 6). All vol.: Berkshire; 1972; Profile Publications Limited; numerous ills. in b&w and in colour; soft cover; 17 x 23 cm. [16519]

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Byers, Roland. Flak Dodger. A story of the 457th Bombardment Group 1943-1945 8th AAF. Moscow, Idaho; 1985; Pawpaw Press; cover and book design by A.K.B. Cathcart; b&w illustrations; paperback; IX, 260 pp. Signed by the author. Good copy. [16458]

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Burri, René & Favrod, Charles-Henri. Terre de guerre. Paris; 1982; Magnum Photos, collection la mémoire de l'oeil; softcover; photography in b&w; by i.a. Cornell Capa, Leonard Freed, Henri Cartier-Bresson, George Rodger & René Burri; 60 photographs in total with captions; not paged. [29272]

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